Endpoint Management

Torsten Schumacher

Torsten Schumacher
Senior Consultant
Fon +49 211 9505937

- Improved workflow

- Decreasing operating costs

- Great user productivity

- Transparent networks

- Efficient administration

Standardize the IT

- Hardware-independent imaging
- Client Management Processes
- Centralized guidelines

Management of terminal devices proofed in practice

- Remote services
- Patch management
- Endpoint security
- Synchronization and management of mobile devices
- Analysis and optimization of network transportation

Increase of user-productivity

- User help desk
- Location-independent client management, achieved with remote servicing
- Fast recovery of the working environment

Decrease of administrative investment

- Implementing a new software lifecycle management
- Standardizing software packaging

Being flexible with client virtualization

- Location-independent access to central IT infrastructures
- Support of thin clients
- Application virtualization