Server Management


Olaf Ackermann
Senior Consultant
Fon +49 211 9505955

- Optimized IT processes

- High availability

- Rapid fault recovery

- Agile IT infrastructures

- Easy administration

- Safe IT environments

- High data security

Standardizing the IT Infrastructure

- Automation of server rollouts
- Optimization and standardization of server operating systems
- Design of networks, storage and server infrastructure
- Automation of allocation processes in data center
- Proof of concept of virtual solutions

Server Consolidation

- Server migration and upgrades
- Migration of server cluster in virtual environments
- Optimization of hardware utilization
- Implementation and migration of server clusters
- Allocate fault tolerant virtual environments
- Module related performance testing
- Creating server templates

Warranty of Reliability

- Highly available solutions
- Server virtualization
- Disaster recovery
- Automatization of management processes

Server and Network Management

- Flexibility of file management system
- Analyze rights of framework
- Monitoring services and components
- Access control and auditing
- Fault analysis and debugging
- Analysis and optimization of network transportation
- Implementing monitoring solutions
- Development of operational concepts (company attendance)

Data Security

- Backup and disaster recovery
- Bare system recovery
- Long term storage
- Strategy development to data safety/disaster recovery